Technology Papers

Title Topic Year First Author Last Author Laboratory
Axiparabola: a long-focal-depth, high-resolution mirror for broadband high-intensity lasers Axiparabola 2019 S. Smartsev C. Thaury LOA
Absolute energy calibration for relativistic electron beams with pointing instability from a laser-plasma accelerator Electron Spectrometer 2012 H. J. Cha J. Lee APRI-GIST
Few femtosecond, few kiloampere electron bunch produced by a laser–plasma accelerator Electron Bunch Duration 2011 O. Lundh J. Faure LOA
Electron beam charge diagnostics for laser plasma accelerators Electron Spectrometer 2011 K. Nakamura W. P. Leemans LBNL
Absolute charge calibration of scintillating screens for relativistic electron detection Electron Spectrometer 2010 A. Buck U. Schramm MPI-Garching
Broadband single-shot electron spectrometer for GeV-class laser-plasma-based accelerators Electron Spectrometer 2008 K. Nakamura W. P. Leemans LBNL
Absolute calibration for a broad range single shot electron spectrometer Electron Spectrometer 2006 Y. Glinec V. Malka LOA