Goals and Vision

Our goal is to give to the community a platform where our members can exchange ideas, discuss technical issues, find solutions to their problems, find a guide to the most cited literature in the field, a guide for laboratory equipment selection, and a way to share their own content in their profile page.

Originally, two major facts motivated the development of this platform:

  • The enormously growing number of papers in the literature, which makes it harder to find the most appropriate references.
  • The difficulties in buying experimental equipment without either spending several days identifying the most suitable device, or quickly buying a tool which may not be the best match to one’s needs.

laser-plasma-accelerator.com long-term vision is to act as a bridge across different research institutes and high-tech companies with the ultimate goal of further spreading the disruptive laser plasma acceleration technology in different fields of research and in the society.

Selected Research papers

A selection of research papers is presented both for electron and proton acceleration. A paper, to be added into the database, needs to fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  • have been published on a high impact factor journal (Nature, Science, Nature Communications, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Light: Science & Applications),
  • have more than 100 citations, or
  • have more than 50 citations and belonging to a laboratory already present in the database.

The literature is divided in four different sections: experiments, diagnostics, theory & simulations, and applications. The aim of the “Experiments” section is to give an overview of the obtained beam parameters and the respective experimental set-ups. By clicking on each paper link, it is possible to access a summary of the experimental parameters and results. The “Diagnostics” section presents papers related to experimental diagnostics design, development or testing. In the section “Theory and Simulations” we include papers about theoretical foundations and simulations concerning the different plasma accelerating mechanisms. Finally, in the section “Applications”, we show papers about potential and demonstrated multi-disciplinary and society-impacting applications of laser plasma accelerated beams.

Due to the constantly increasing number of papers in the field, it can happen that some papers are missing in the database. If you are aware of such papers, please feel free to write us (info@laser-plasma-acceleration.com). The papers will be added in the shortest time possible.

Forum and Users Policy

The Forum is open to the public to read, but only registered users are allowed to comment and create new topics. To qualify as a registered user, you must be a scientist or engineer active in the fields of lasers, optics, plasma physics, laser-based particle acceleration, and other relevant areas. Additionally the registered user must be affiliated with a research institute with no commercial interests in the promotion of particular products. The participation of private companies with interest in promoting their products will be permitted but only as clearly identified company-users who have enrolled in our sponsorship program.

Upgrade your Lab!

This section is designed to help the users navigate the vast world of products that are commonly used in laser-plasma acceleration experiments. The main feature of this tool is that the companies listed are the result of a selection process justified by the successful use of the products in experimental setups, as evidenced by their appearance in our publications list, or by being endorsed by members of the community. We hope that this will simplify the daunting task of product selection and that this will be greatly appreciated by our users.

Job Opportunities

If you are offering some positions, or if you are looking for a new challenge, take a look at this section!