Dynamic Optics aims to become a technology leader in adaptive optics

Recent advances in imaging and laser processing techniques are increasingly
requiring optical systems to be tuned in accordance with the specific
configuration in which optics are used.

Defocus adjustment, aberration correction, light shaping are some of the
many tasks that traditional optics are not able to achieve with the
accuracy and speed needed for many applications.

Dynamic Optics is ready to take on this challenge thanks to its
researchers’ experience, motivation and clear understanding of where the
market is going.

Dynamic Optics manufactures multi actuator adaptive lenses, deformable
mirrors and wavefront sensors for use in many applications: microscopy,
vision science, astronomy, high power lasers and defence.

E-mail: s.m@dynamic-optics.it
tel: +39 391 7993796
web: http://www.dynamic-optics.eu/